Stijn Bogaerts

Founder MoNoA

Calculating what’s best for the health of your employees

The MoNoA wearable, accompanied by the application and community of certified coaches is now live for you and your company! For good reason, because stress has proven to be a contributing factor to absence, a decrease in productivity, and burnouts in the workplace. We bring a human approach to support your employees towards a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.


Alarming facts

In April 2021, Forbes magazine reported with the headline ‘Indeed Study Shows That Worker Burnout Is At Frighteningly High Levels: Here Is What You Need To Do Now’. 1500 US workers from various age groups, sectors, and experience levels were part of the study. It concluded that 52% of the respondents are feeling burned out, with 67% believing that this feeling has worsened since the start of the pandemic. 27% of the respondents stated they are unable to unplug from work. COVID-19 has made our lives a mishmash between private and work, which makes it really difficult to tell where work ends and where time to yourself starts. Previously we were part of a lively office, funny conversations around the water cooler, and spontaneous drinks on Friday. In 2020, everybody’s life completely changed overnight to mostly staying at home. Making it difficult to really wind down after a period filled with deadlines, high performance, and stress.



To measure is to know

There are solutions, but which ones really help your employees? One thing for sure: to measure is to know. This is where MoNoA comes in. MoNoA is a combination between a wearable and an app, that measures and translates your employee’s stress levels and enables them to share this with well-being coaches all over the world. The wearable is unique in both its function and shape and the thin and compact design easily fits under your current watch. And when it comes to data, we promise we will never sell data to other parties. You always own your health.

Calculate today, start tomorrow

Our calculator helps you to give insight and keep track of stress levels and mental health in your workplace. With it, you can calculate how to improve your employee’s efficiency, overall wellbeing, and the costs of burnout(s), and see how MoNoA can support your performance management. While it might look like a big investment at first, you will achieve a strong ROI (return on investment). The result is fewer employees calling in sick or overstressed because you can anticipate their well-being. Making it an efficient investment for you and your employees.

Start calculating now, and unlock your employee’s full potential tomorrow!