Our mission

MoNoA's mission is to democratize well-being and let all human beings unlock their full potential, with access to the necessary data about their health and personalised coaching at their fingertips. Own your health!

Personal well-being.

Start monitoring your stress level today and see the impact of your daily life on your body and mind. You will see the physical and mental consequences of stress, which will urge you to act proactively and prevent irreversible damage. The result? Decreased stress levels, increased energy and one step closer to reaching your full potential.

Corporate well-being.

What are the consequences of stress in your company? What impact does this have on productivity and absenteeism? How can you prevent your employees and team members from burning out? MoNoA can assist you in tracking stress levels and mental health in the workplace, provide you with the necessary data to build your HR policy and set up company wide coaching sessions.

Performance management.

If you want to perform on a high level, with lots of energy and focus, you need to control your stress and manage it in a very efficient way. MoNoA's revolutionary approach gives you 24/7 insights into the biometric data about your stress recovery and what impacts this the most. This produces real 'empowered personal data' over time and is of the highest importance for everyone looking to boost performance.

MoNoA can integrate all your health & fitness data.


MoNoA’s philosophy builds on openness, sustainability and companionship. 

Therefore we have built a platform that is open to all coaches and to all personal data from wearables and health systems available today. The more data we gather, the more holistic our view becomes on your personal well-being, and the more effective our coaching can be. Do you have existing coaches or therapists? Just give them access to your data on the MoNoA platform. Do you have an exisiting fitness tracker? Just upload your data to the MoNoA platform and leverage your well-being. Our privacy guarantee? You stay in control of your own data and decide what to share and what not. You are the pilot, MoNoA is your companion. It’s time to own your health!

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