MoNoA wearable

Start measuring your stress level today and see the impact on your physical and mental health!


The MoNoA stress wearable was developed with the highest care for personal ease of use and the best materials for durability and accurate measurement. Together with our coaching platform, where your stress data are analysed and certified coaches are ready to support you 24/7, this is your first step towards a more balanced life!

Size and dimensions

The wearable was studied extensively to have the perfect size and flex that fits every wrist.

  • Wearable: 49,5 x 20,4 x 12,3 mm
  • Clip: 20,7 x 8,6 x 6 mm
  • MoNoA charger: 35 x 50,2 x 14,3 mm
Care & Maintenance

Our wearable is made of the highest quality materials that guarantee high impact strength and flexibility, and accurate measurement through the sensors. All used materials are biocompatible. The wearable is splash proof and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

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Additional information

Clip color

Metal, Black, Gold, Rose

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