Stijn Bogaerts

Founder MoNoA

MoNoA is (a)live to help you unlock your full potential!

After a lot of hard work, sweat, and stress (yes, we’re very human) our MoNoA wearable, accompanied by the application and community of certified coaches, is now live to the public! This launch means we now actively contribute to the reduction of the modern-day worldwide disease number 1: stress.

What is MoNoA?

MoNoA is a combination of wearable and app, that accurately measures your stress levels and enables you to share this with well-being coaches worldwide. The wearable is unique in both its function and shape, and the thin and compact design can easily be placed under your digital or analog watch. Our wearable and app are accompanied by our certified coaches that are here to help you become the best version of yourself. And when it comes to your data, we promise you are always in charge of it. Under no circumstances will we sell your data to other parties, unless you agree for particular purposes.


Pathos of things

Now, you may wonder what MoNoA stands for. It is abbreviated from ‘Mono No Aware’ in Japanese, which stands for ‘Pathos of things’. In other words: becoming aware of the powerful emotions that situations can trigger in us, of which stressors are a good example. Stressors represent the impact that stress has on your health. Some stressors are very present, while others might lurk from the shadows.


Preventing stress is not a goal in itself

Experiencing stress over and over again triggers our autonomic nervous system which mobilizes our body. This system unconsciously regulates bodily functions and is the primary mechanism that can activate our fight-or-flight response. Once activated, it influences functions like your heart rate, the intensity of your breathing and pupillary response. If this happens over and over again without bringing back balance, your mind and body will eventually burn out. A common metaphor for burnout is a battery that is empty and needs to refill again. We look at stress from a different perspective: stress itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is not a goal to know what causes stress and how to prevent these situations in the future. It is about bringing your body back to balance after experiencing stress and using your energy reserves. This is a repeating upwards and downwards movement called recuperation.

Of course, there is a solution

Back to reality and the solutions. How do you learn to make the right choices for your mental and physical health? How exactly can you detect moments in which you weren’t aware that your body was imbalanced and experiencing stress? And what can you do to bring it back to balance? This is no one-size-fits-all approach. MoNoA builds your personal algorithm with you to monitor your stress-response and builds efficiency with you. We keep track of your physical and mental health by measuring your stress level using the data of our Galvanic Skin Response technology, your skin temperature and your activity level. In addition to that, our coaches provide you with unique and personal coaching content to explore and learn together.

Start monitoring your stress levels today and improve your personal well-being tomorrow. Order your own MoNoA to unlock your full potential.